Third Post

I can’t think of a catchy title for this week’s post. Still, I’m trying to get on a schedule here and so I’m pushing myself to write a post today. Why is it “pushing”? Well, it’s a very long story that boils down to one word: Bronchitis.

For the past few weeks I’ve had a cough. Which is fine, really, until those coughs get horrid enough to drive me to the emergency room on a sunday. So, I figured I’d talk about being sick and how it’s affected my writing. I’m an aspiring author, after all, and some of these posts have to be about writing.

So. When it comes to my book, Trust, once I found the motivation to write the words just kept coming. Right up until about three weeks ago or so. Three weeks ago, I went to Texas for my first Furry Convention. I didn’t go as a furry, but to support one. I could write another post all about Texas Furry Fiesta and how fun it was, but let’s focus on the topic today. I didn’t expect to write during the convention – people go to cons to see the sights, meet people, dress up, buy things. During a lull in events I opened my computer and stared at my book. My brain, alas, was far too occupied with all of the fursuiters I’d seen for me to do more than stare blankly at the last scene I’d written.

I expected to get back into the groove right away. I loaded up the book eagerly, knowing that people were counting on me to get it written. And yet, suddenly, I was stricken with an intense hatred for my words. I tried to reread the book and couldn’t get past the first few paragraphs. This, incidentally, happened to coincide with the first of my symptoms.

Now, to these three weeks later, after my diagnosis of bronchitis led me to getting the really really REALLY good cough meds. Now my cough is better, and I’m able to think… well, not clearly. Insomnia has left my brains just a tad addled. But I can think logically, yes.

This whole experience has led to me a realization: How we feel physically affects how we write. Yes, I knew that emotional states helped with certain scenes – and certain scenes can elicit emotional states. Being depressed led me to write something I found psychologically disturbing and yet gave me this wonderful opportunity. On the flip side, one scene that I had to write jumped at me and once I wrote it left me an emotional wreck for the whole day.

However, feeling physically ill affected my whole mindset. Words I thought of as wonderful made me cringe. That scene I wrote that left me emotionally devastated, I was able to look at without batting an eye. Now that I’m on the mend, I’m able to once again look clearly at my words.

I don’t know how much sense this makes. I just hope this glimpse into my head helps people understand me. Now, it’s time to snuggle back into the pillows with some warm honey tea and Doctor Who.


Second Post Jitters

It’s nearly 0300 at the time I’m writing this. This is usually the time I stay up until, gaming or writing or just generally browsing the internet. I’m a night owl, a vampire, something else witty that my poor, abused brain can’t think of.

I’m still staring at this thing in bewilderment. The majority of my brain is wondering who in the world would even want to read this. The internet is wide and vast, and I’m just… me. I’m still boring old me that loves video games and yaoi.

Well, if people do stumble across this, I might as well have posts for them to read. I don’t know what I want to discuss here though. There’s the aforementioned video gaming. There’s writing.

I suppose I’ll settle for viral videos.

Gangham Style. Harlem Shake. I nearly got in a fight with someone at a rave because I refused to stand up for Gangham Style. I was forced to watch it despite my best efforts and I. Don’t. Get it. I’m not knocking other people’s tastes, really. Feel free to ride your imaginary horse, or do… whatever it is the Harlem Shake is. The only viral dances I became a fan of were the Hare Hare Yukai and Caramelldansen. The Hare Hare Yukai was just adorably catchy, and the Caramelldansen is one that I can actually do! It also has the added benefit of emulating cat ears (but that’s another post for another day.)

It’s when these viral videos become memes that it starts to baffle me. Suddenly we have Gangham Style shirts. The song is on the radio, on compilation CDs, inescapable. The cutesy anime ones fall to the wayside (Seriously, Caramelldansen. It’s so upbeat and catchy!) and yet we’re stuck with Gangham Style.

Eh. Maybe it’s the late hour that has me grumpy. Still, I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s my anime fangirlyness that has me being partial to the anime and anime-inspired ones. I just don’t think I’ll ever understand these things.


I’ve been staring at this blank text box for more than an hour. I’ve angsted, and flailed, and generally wondered just what I should put in this thing. Why am I doing this, I asked myself while I looked at this page. 

After that hour was up, I decided to just go with it. Introductions seem like a good way to go with the first post of an author’s blog. Maybe I’ll be able to get something out that is intelligent. Maybe it’ll be witty even.

So! My name is Thea Larson. I’m an author! Well, I haven’t published anything officially yet. I do have thing wandering about the internet though, things I can’t legally publish because of that pesky copyright bit. If you’ve read some of my works that way, great! We’ll get along well. If not, please look forward to my upcoming novel, “Trust”, published by Daverana Enterprises! (I actually have to finish writing it D; )

So, now you know my name and a bit of what I do. But I’ll bet you’re wondering, who am I? All you know of me is a name and a book title. As for who I am… I’m boring. Really. I work at Wal-Mart (and it’s an evil, vile place full of greed, corruption, and the occasional cake) and spend my days off on the internet. I’m quite active on facebook, and I adore playing video games. I’m a self-proclaimed MMORPG nomad – I wander between games and have only one or two that I play on a regular basis. 

I guess a window to my personality would be to describe my RPG play style. I prefer to play combat medics – characters that can solo pretty well while healing myself or other people. I’m an aggressively solo player and dislike games or quests that force me to team up with other players. If I don’t play healers, I’ll go for the mage options. In Kingdom Hearts, even though Sora’s pretty much made to be a Knight, I stock up on magic commands and dish out punishment from afar. I always die when I go up close and personal. The only exception to this is in my Thief from Eden Eternal. I played it for the first time in ages (soloing meant I was going for the healing options, cleric et al) and someone said my Evasion was GODLY. It made me happy. 

Well, I guess that’s enough of an introduction for right now. What will I do with this blog? Who knows. I guess I’ll just post more ramblings like this, and more info about Trust as I finish it and it gets ready to publish.