I’ve been staring at this blank text box for more than an hour. I’ve angsted, and flailed, and generally wondered just what I should put in this thing. Why am I doing this, I asked myself while I looked at this page. 

After that hour was up, I decided to just go with it. Introductions seem like a good way to go with the first post of an author’s blog. Maybe I’ll be able to get something out that is intelligent. Maybe it’ll be witty even.

So! My name is Thea Larson. I’m an author! Well, I haven’t published anything officially yet. I do have thing wandering about the internet though, things I can’t legally publish because of that pesky copyright bit. If you’ve read some of my works that way, great! We’ll get along well. If not, please look forward to my upcoming novel, “Trust”, published by Daverana Enterprises! (I actually have to finish writing it D; )

So, now you know my name and a bit of what I do. But I’ll bet you’re wondering, who am I? All you know of me is a name and a book title. As for who I am… I’m boring. Really. I work at Wal-Mart (and it’s an evil, vile place full of greed, corruption, and the occasional cake) and spend my days off on the internet. I’m quite active on facebook, and I adore playing video games. I’m a self-proclaimed MMORPG nomad – I wander between games and have only one or two that I play on a regular basis. 

I guess a window to my personality would be to describe my RPG play style. I prefer to play combat medics – characters that can solo pretty well while healing myself or other people. I’m an aggressively solo player and dislike games or quests that force me to team up with other players. If I don’t play healers, I’ll go for the mage options. In Kingdom Hearts, even though Sora’s pretty much made to be a Knight, I stock up on magic commands and dish out punishment from afar. I always die when I go up close and personal. The only exception to this is in my Thief from Eden Eternal. I played it for the first time in ages (soloing meant I was going for the healing options, cleric et al) and someone said my Evasion was GODLY. It made me happy. 

Well, I guess that’s enough of an introduction for right now. What will I do with this blog? Who knows. I guess I’ll just post more ramblings like this, and more info about Trust as I finish it and it gets ready to publish.


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