Not a good sign

So it seems I can’t keep my own deadlines about posting to this place. This does not bode well for Daverana Enterprises – if I can’t keep personal deadlines, how shall they deal with me? I shall try to do better, I promise!

So today is promising to be a random day. By random I mean I have plans for nothing beyond good food later tonight and poking some characters with sticks. That is the story of my days off. Gaming, poking characters, good food, sticks. Yup.

… my life is boring.

Still, it’s a nice life. I have a wonderful girlfriend that is determined to throw me into many uncomfortable social situations, but I shall endure. I have guildmates who adore me (and my old guild can go jump off a cliff. Noooo bad feelings on this end. Just hope they don’t win another territory war ever). And I have plenty of cats to jump on me when they want food.

Today, as a day off, is supposed to be characterized as peaceful. I’m calling it boring. I’ve set a goal just this second of 1k words written today before I get steaks later. If I get 3k done I’ll get my usual cheese sticks with them.

This post is officially filler. Fluff. I’ll just end it before I embarrass myself.

Until next week!


Posting is good, yes.

So much for getting on a schedule, right?

I have absolutely no excuse for not posting the past two weeks. It was laziness on my part, yes. I apologize for that, and with that done, let’s move onto the actual topic of conversation.

This time, it’s a post about writing. Gasp. Shock.

While I was writing Trust, I noticed a juxtaposition between my belief system and my main character’s – specifically, about how one thinks of a fetus. This is going to be a controversial topic, but not discussing it won’t make it go away. So, onward.

One major plot point of Trust is that there is a fetus involved – I won’t say how it applies to the story or who it applies to. Just know that one exists. The character in question was pregnant, and while I was in her head writing, I could feel her emotions about this baby. She loved it dearly even before it was born, and it was a feeling that shocked me. I mean, I get that women get pregnant – it’s a major fear for me. My feelings on the matter are rather more ambivalent – a fetus is a fetus until it pops out and breathes. Only then is it a baby. To have this character thinking of a fetus as an already-breathing creature was a major culture shock for me.

It also made me realize that this is a strength in writing.

Not every character will share the author’s feelings and beliefs. If that happens, the book becomes one-dimensional and flat. A strong story thrives not only on a plot – it survives based on the strength of its characters as well. By having this character with feelings the exact opposite of myself, my mind was opened in a way it hadn’t been before. In real life I liked to think of myself as a person who could see many sides of an issue, but things like this always left me baffled. The facts always seemed to lead up to only one conclusion, but now I see that other side of this issue. I see now how people could object to a certain thing involving fetuses that I shan’t mention. It doesn’t change my opinion on the matter, but it does give me greater insight into the opposing viewpoint.

Trust is coming along nicely – the characters are talking to me again and so I’m getting some good writing done. Now that I can get into everyone’s head again, I expect to have it done soon. Soon, however, is a non-specific statement of time, so who knows how long until soon comes around.

One week, however, is quite specific. I shall see you all again then.