Not a good sign

So it seems I can’t keep my own deadlines about posting to this place. This does not bode well for Daverana Enterprises – if I can’t keep personal deadlines, how shall they deal with me? I shall try to do better, I promise!

So today is promising to be a random day. By random I mean I have plans for nothing beyond good food later tonight and poking some characters with sticks. That is the story of my days off. Gaming, poking characters, good food, sticks. Yup.

… my life is boring.

Still, it’s a nice life. I have a wonderful girlfriend that is determined to throw me into many uncomfortable social situations, but I shall endure. I have guildmates who adore me (and my old guild can go jump off a cliff. Noooo bad feelings on this end. Just hope they don’t win another territory war ever). And I have plenty of cats to jump on me when they want food.

Today, as a day off, is supposed to be characterized as peaceful. I’m calling it boring. I’ve set a goal just this second of 1k words written today before I get steaks later. If I get 3k done I’ll get my usual cheese sticks with them.

This post is officially filler. Fluff. I’ll just end it before I embarrass myself.

Until next week!


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