Ever had a song get stuck in your head? One that you like at first but then you begin to loathe because your brain just won’t shut up about it? You’ll be walking along all fine and dandy and then before you know it your vocal chords betray you by humming it. Even worse is when you start to sing it without meaning to and then people start to look at you funny.

Then again, I sing when I’m bored anyway. So strange looks directed at me isn’t a new phenomenon. Usually I’m singing in Japanese because I listen to far too much Vocaloid stuff. Take that as you will as far as my strageness goes.

Instead of rambling at length about things that bother/puzzle/amuse me, I figured I’d settle for sharing some of these earworms and letting them pass on. First, the most recent one. Last night I was bored and so I streamed the Lorax from Netflix – the CGI one, not the old cartoon one. This was because I had the Villain Song “How Bad Can I Be?” stuck in my head. After watching it, I remembered that it wasn’t that song that became stuck first. It was this one: The way the tempo and volume rises and falls, climaxing at the end and then gradually fading into a soft choral number, is addicting and I’m going to be listening to it probably all day.

Another frequent contender is this one, even though the only bits of it that I remember are the very first few words: I realize that Oliver isn’t the original artist, but it’s his version that captured my ear. I just love his little British accent while he sings.

This one pops up from time to time, usually when I’m going to look up a few Vocaloid videos: I’ll admit it – I watch the vid for the cute boy but stay for the awesome tune. That tune then gets stuck IN my head for ages and I’m singing the first few lyrics over and over and over again until I want to shoot myself.

Honorable mentions go to and The first is another Len one. Some people might go insane because of the staccato beat but I enjoy it because it’s a rhythmic staccato. The second is just plain catchy – I’ll find myself singing it without realizing it and then hating myself because it’s My Little Pony. Still, it’s a cover of a MLP song by a youtuber that I really idolize and respect. Her voice in it is just so pretty that I’m envious of her to be honest.

So, that’s this week’s blog post – music recommendations. Let’s let the earworms go ’round.

See you all next week!


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