I should be ashamed

And why is that? Because I haven’t written a new post in ages! But, real life is real life so. Yeah. I’m back!

I suppose I should start with news. Trust is finished! It is in the process of being edited (well, it’s been edited, I’m just fixing what needs it), and I hopefully have an awesome person to do the illustrations for it. I won’t say who just in case the deal falls through, but she’s an awesome artist and I’ve been following her on DeviantArt for years! If she does do the art, I’m going to be so flattered and terrified that I might just drop dead. From joy, mind, not from bad stuff. Once I’m sure I know who’s going to do the art I’ll post about it.

Life is life. My wonderful wonderful fantasy life with my girlfriend became a suspenseful horror story instead. And I hate horror. Needless to say, I’m single now and enjoying every minute of it. I don’t harbor grudges (though I can’t speak for the other party), but it was a story that needed a direct and immediate ending. No regrets!

I can’t think of anything else to write. Had a long long LONG day at work and my brain is… um, mush. Yes, technical term, mush. I’ll try to update this again sooner rather than later. Until next time!