Holiday Season

Okay, so, I’m not good at keeping to a schedule. My apologies. It’s the holiday season, though, and I have a night off. I suppose I can write a little thing to just put something new up here, hm?

Warning: This is going to be a random post.

Overnight shifts are strange. They play hell with my sense of time. I forget what day it is. I forget the date! I start off the day saying “Good night” and then have to shift towards the end of my night to saying “Good Morning.”It’s confusing. I’m about to invent my own greeting. “Good Dragons!” sounds as good a thing as any, right?

Sleep deprivation makes it very hard to concentrate. One of our kittens is very needy and doesn’t understand that I don’t like it when I wake up to having my room used as a litter box. When I don’t let her in, she yells outside my door. Even earplugs aren’t enough to block her out. So, I can’t fall asleep, and when I do fall asleep, I get awoken far too early. I can’t put out books with this kind of sleep. Argh! With any luck, though, getting her spayed will calm her down. At least, I can throw her outside to yell to her heart’s content.

I can’t focus enough to write more. Might take a nap until FFXIV gets done with its maintenance. Later, guys!