Con Report: Mechacon X

Hello again! I haven’t put up any promised reviews yet because I’ve been busy preparing for the title of this post. Mechacon X was a blast! Disclaimer: My experience is not indicative of anything but my experience.

My first day, there weren’t many panels I wanted to go to. I ended up hanging around Artist’s Alley, where Trust was on sale alongside my mother’s crafts and my cousin’s artwork. The first day I made no sales, sadly. When I wasn’t in Artist’s Alley, I was walking the con floor. My major disappointment was with the game room. It was moved off to the side this year and it lacked its defining feature. Without the mecha simulator pods, the game room was just another game room. Sleeping Samurai was a good addition in its stead. I took my fiance on in a bout and won him. Things I learned about myself: I go for the gut. Even so, fake sword fights and a round of Dance Central couldn’t completely fix the mecha pod disappointment.

On day two, I’d planned to cosplay the whole day. However, an early Yu-Gi-Oh sealed deck tournament took up a ton of my time. It was okay. I got a pretty good stall and token deck out of it. (Translation: I could bring up stuff to absorb damage while I got my own attackers out of it.) It was fun, but I felt like it took too much time from me. I had to skip a few panels I’d wanted to go to. After the tournament, I went up to the room and got into my cosplay. Only one person recognized me as Quatre Winner from Gundam Wing. I went to the Eien Strife concert as Quatre and found out something cool. I share a birthday with the lead singer of the band! I told her about it afterwards and it was like, birthday bonding moment is go! The rave was fun. I don’t dance, so I sat to the side with my fiance and enjoyed the music. I had glowsticks!

Day three was the winding down day. Vendors were discounting things, people were leaving, and I sold a few books. I didn’t cosplay that day. I went to two panels throughout the whole weekend on sunday: Eien Strife’s retro gaming challenge, where I failed horribly at Contra, and Spike Spencer’s voice acting panel. I gave Cheydra of Eien Strife a copy of Trust for her birthday. There was some disappointment as well. I got Spike to sign my copy of Tales of Vesperia without issues on Saturday. On sunday, however, I walked away from two actors when they demanded my hard-earned money for their signature. I told Scott Menville to his face that if they wanted my money for their signature, I’d be walking away – and I did.

The best part of my weekend was on Sunday. There was a Mecha Maid and Host Club on the third floor. I went there with my fiance in part because we wanted to see what it was and in part because we were hoping for free food. The food wasn’t free, but we had fun. I mentioned that it was my birthday and about halfway through the show all proceedings were brought to a halt. I’m not sure who she was, but one of the maids who wasn’t in a dress was on stage making this huge spectacle about secrets being kept. The next thing I realized was that I was surrounded by maids and hosts. They got on the floor and sang Happy Birthday to me. I got the cutest little treat for free and it was overall just very adorable.

Next best thing was seeing a booth for TeeTurtle in the Dealer’s Room. I got a Pocket Fury shirt – in short, when I where it, it looks like I have Toothless in my pocket. His tail with his prosthetic sticks out of the pocket and down the shirt. It’s officially the cutest thing I own.

I had a good time during the weekend, in short. There was some disappointment, but overall it was a very positive experience. I already can’t wait for next year.


Time for randomness

I made a promise that I would try to update this more frequently. This is me trying to keep that promise. I just don’t know what the heck to talk about. So, let’s go down the checklist.

Life? Work, work, work. I like the pay I’m getting in the position I’m in, but I’ve let myself get on a crappy schedule so it feels like I can’t get anything done besides work! I have a week off coming up, though, and I have big, geek-filled plans.

Gaming? Haven’t been doing much of it. Mostly been using my nifty PS4 for netflix, for cripe’s sake. When Final Fantasy XIV comes out, though, I’ll be getting a hell of a lot of use out of it. Speaking of, I need to see about getting into the beta.

Writing? I’m working on something for Valentine’s, but I don’t know if it’ll be done by then. Wish me luck! My new year’s resolution is to get two full novels done this year. I’m working on both of them off and on, so we’ll see which is done first.

So, I guess you can consider this an update. See you all next time 🙂


Ever had a song get stuck in your head? One that you like at first but then you begin to loathe because your brain just won’t shut up about it? You’ll be walking along all fine and dandy and then before you know it your vocal chords betray you by humming it. Even worse is when you start to sing it without meaning to and then people start to look at you funny.

Then again, I sing when I’m bored anyway. So strange looks directed at me isn’t a new phenomenon. Usually I’m singing in Japanese because I listen to far too much Vocaloid stuff. Take that as you will as far as my strageness goes.

Instead of rambling at length about things that bother/puzzle/amuse me, I figured I’d settle for sharing some of these earworms and letting them pass on. First, the most recent one. Last night I was bored and so I streamed the Lorax from Netflix – the CGI one, not the old cartoon one. This was because I had the Villain Song “How Bad Can I Be?” stuck in my head. After watching it, I remembered that it wasn’t that song that became stuck first. It was this one: The way the tempo and volume rises and falls, climaxing at the end and then gradually fading into a soft choral number, is addicting and I’m going to be listening to it probably all day.

Another frequent contender is this one, even though the only bits of it that I remember are the very first few words: I realize that Oliver isn’t the original artist, but it’s his version that captured my ear. I just love his little British accent while he sings.

This one pops up from time to time, usually when I’m going to look up a few Vocaloid videos: I’ll admit it – I watch the vid for the cute boy but stay for the awesome tune. That tune then gets stuck IN my head for ages and I’m singing the first few lyrics over and over and over again until I want to shoot myself.

Honorable mentions go to and The first is another Len one. Some people might go insane because of the staccato beat but I enjoy it because it’s a rhythmic staccato. The second is just plain catchy – I’ll find myself singing it without realizing it and then hating myself because it’s My Little Pony. Still, it’s a cover of a MLP song by a youtuber that I really idolize and respect. Her voice in it is just so pretty that I’m envious of her to be honest.

So, that’s this week’s blog post – music recommendations. Let’s let the earworms go ’round.

See you all next week!

Not a good sign

So it seems I can’t keep my own deadlines about posting to this place. This does not bode well for Daverana Enterprises – if I can’t keep personal deadlines, how shall they deal with me? I shall try to do better, I promise!

So today is promising to be a random day. By random I mean I have plans for nothing beyond good food later tonight and poking some characters with sticks. That is the story of my days off. Gaming, poking characters, good food, sticks. Yup.

… my life is boring.

Still, it’s a nice life. I have a wonderful girlfriend that is determined to throw me into many uncomfortable social situations, but I shall endure. I have guildmates who adore me (and my old guild can go jump off a cliff. Noooo bad feelings on this end. Just hope they don’t win another territory war ever). And I have plenty of cats to jump on me when they want food.

Today, as a day off, is supposed to be characterized as peaceful. I’m calling it boring. I’ve set a goal just this second of 1k words written today before I get steaks later. If I get 3k done I’ll get my usual cheese sticks with them.

This post is officially filler. Fluff. I’ll just end it before I embarrass myself.

Until next week!